Everything You Should Know About the Fraxel Laser

Everything You Should Know About the Fraxel Laser

Are wrinkles, discoloration (hyperpigmentation), or uneven skin texture bothering you? If yes, then you may want to consider the Fraxel laser treatment. It is a modern technique used to treat various skin conditions.

What is Fraxel Laser?

“Fractional technology” is the technical term used to describe the process of delivering a Fraxel laser treatment. A laser skin-resurfacing device is used during this process. Skilled clinicians apply this light-based laser treatment to smooth out fine lines and give your skin a rejuvenated look.

During this process, a clinician will make tiny injuries to the skin’s dermal tissues. These dermal tissues are commonly referred to as “imprints” since they are super minute. To put this into context, the diameter of imprints is roughly a tenth of that of a hair shaft.

The laser used in this treatment generates innumerable MTZs (microscopic treatment zones) which penetrate deep into the dermis. It is worth noting that the skin that surrounds the pinpoint MTZs normally remains unaffected and intact.

One of the reasons the Fraxel laser treatment is popular is that it is very effective when used as a technique to minimize scars during post-operation scar reduction. This type of treatment can also come in handy for minimizing undesirable pigmentations such as aging spots, sun spots, and brown spots, among others. Plus, you can rely on it to reduce other skin imperfections, improve your overall skin tone, and reduce the visibility of pore size.

What to Do Before a Fraxel Laser Treatment

These are what you should do (or not do) prior to having a Fraxel laser treatment. First, you should make sure your skin is in the best condition possible before going for this type of laser treatment. Second, you should steer clear of other treatments such as waxing and laser hair removal on areas scheduled to be treated.

Third, you should stop using active products for at least a few weeks prior to going for your Fraxel laser treatment. These products include abrasive scrubs and retinol. Last, but not least, watch what you eat. Focus on consuming a healthy meal around one to two hours before going for a Fraxel treatment. According to dermal clinicians, a healthy meal helps sustain the body during the treatment process. Your healthy meal, however, should not include caffeine whatsoever. With that said, avoid caffeine for at least four hours before having a laser treatment like Fraxel.

What to Do After a Fraxel Treatment

After a Fraxel treatment, your skin is likely to feel as though you have been sunburned. The remedy for this is relatively similar to what you would do when sunburned; you should use ice packs because this helps reduce the heat in the skin. You should, however, avoid icing the skin directly and make sure that there is a cloth between the ice pack and the skin. What’s more, make sure you ask your clinician about the best application techniques to consider after a Fraxel treatment.

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