Choosing The Right Option for Microneedling

Are you seeking a non-invasive treatment option to help improve the look and feel of your skin? If so, microneedling may be a great option for you. Microneedling is a nonsurgical treatment that involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing process and increase collagen and elastin production. A variety of microneedling techniques exist, each with its own set of potential advantages and preferred ailments. Read on for more information about the three distinct forms of microneedling offered at Restorative injectables to help you pick the one that’s best for you.

What is Standard Microneedling?
Conventional microneedling, often called collagen induction therapy, is widely practiced. Little needles on a handheld instrument are used to penetrate the skin at specific locations. The skin’s texture and look are enhanced when collagen creation is prompted by the body’s natural healing process, sparked by these tiny punctures.

Standard microneedling offers many benefits. Firstly, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen formation and thereby plumping the skin. It can also improve skin texture and tone by causing the development of new collagen and elastin by triggering the body’s natural healing process.

This treatment is a great choice for everyone who wants to enhance their skin’s appearance. Anyone with wrinkles, acne scars, or an uneven skin tone will benefit the most from this treatment.

What is Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling?
During RF microneedling, the deeper layers of skin are heated using radiofrequency energy. This heat triggers the body to produce more collagen and elastin fibers, giving you skin that is instantly more toned, tight, and firm.

The main benefit of RF microneedling is that it boosts collagen production in the deeper layers of skin via RF microneedling, leading to improved skin tightness and firmness. Stimulation of collagen formation helps fill in and smooth out scar tissue, RF microneedling aids in minimizing the visual impact of scars.

Those with mild to moderate skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scars can benefit greatly from RF microneedling. Those who want to change the way their skin looks will find this to be especially helpful.

What is Tight and Bright Microneedling?
Restorative Injectables provides a one-of-a-kind service called Tight & Bright Microneedling. To lighten and tighten the skin, this method combines conventional microneedling with vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, and kojic acid.

Infusing the face with a robust blend of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and kojic acid, Tight & Bright microneedling can assist to increase skin brightness. Kojic acid is a natural skin brightener that helps lessen the visibility of hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

This option is great for people who want to even out their skin tone and diminish the appearances of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Those who suffer from skin that lacks radiance will also see benefits.

Adding Exosomes to Your Microneedling Treatment

We also offer microneedling with exosome therapy, which is an innovative new treatment that harnesses the power of stem cells to refresh the skin. During treatment, your exosomes are extracted and then added to a growth-activating serum which is then used along with microneedling. This treatment is ideal for treating complexion concerns such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, dullness, large pores, texture irregularities, and more.
Which is The Best Option for You?
Microneedling has no one-size-fits-all answer. Each method is beneficial for different skin issues. A consultation with one of our expert providers is the best way to discover which choice is best for your individual skin conditions. Fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation today.

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