Do’s and Don’t Before PRF Hair Restoration Treatment

Are you dreading the effects of time? An aging person can readily experience hair loss on their head and face. The most common cause of hair loss is genetics, but sometimes it can also be due to an illness or accident. If you are experiencing a lot of hair loss around your head and face, consider PRF Hair Restoration Treatment at Restorative Injectables.

What is PRF Hair Restoration?

PRF hair restoration is a nonsurgical hair loss treatment that can increase hair density and thickness without the risks shouldered by other hair loss treatments. It combines cosmetic hair transplantation and Platelet Rich Fibrin injections to improve your hair’s health, thickness, and density.

Why Choose PRF?

Similarly to Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, PRF also initially requires a blood draw. Some may wonder about the differences between the two treatments.

PRP treatments involve a blood draw followed by the blood being spun in the centrifuge, causing heavy cells in the blood, such as stem cells and white blood cells, to sink to the bottom of the test tube. While this happens, plasma and platelets are collected and injected into the areas of thinning hair.

Research states that a higher concentration of white blood cells and platelets is a more effective mix. That is where PRF exceeds the benefits of PRP. PRF spins the blood at a lower speed so that layers of blood do not separate. This prevents cell damage and gives PRF more healing components than PRP.

What to Do Before PRF Hair Restoration

Stay Hydrated 

One of the biggest causes of hair thinning is dehydration. In PRF, your scalp needs to be hydrated throughout the week before the procedure, and you need to stay hydrated and eat fruits that contain water.

Wash Your Hair in the Morning

Do not wash your hair the night before the procedure. It will ensure that oil from your scalp remains on your hair to make it look and feel thicker. PRP injections can be performed even with oily hair if you have already washed your hair. It won’t affect the quality of your treatment.

Use Special Shampoo Before the Procedure

You can use a special shampoo before the procedure to ensure that your hair is free of grease and other impurities to make the treatment more effective.

What to Avoid Before PRF


Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and blood-thinning supplements because they can hurt your hair. Cigarette smoking is also a significant cause of hair loss. Avoid painkillers and painkillers or any other medicine that will cause your scalp pain or inflammation in the days before the procedure.


Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight three days before the PRF treatment. It can cause severe damage to your hair follicle and may cause premature hair loss.

Avoid Waxing and Threading

Avoid threading and waxing procedures at least three days before the PRF procedure because it can lead to inflammation, which can cause hair loss.

Results & Recovery

After the PRF Hair Restoration procedure, you can expect to experience new hair growth within 6-8 months after the treatment. It will help promote hair growth and stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. In most cases, you can see visible results within 2-6 months. The more PRP injections you receive, the better your results will be. If you have high expectations for your procedure, it is best to consult Restorative Injectables experts to help you achieve your desired results.

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