Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal


Treat unwanted hair growth on all body areas including: upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, stomach, arms, shoulders, bikini area, legs and back. Consultation is required before treatment. Available at Denver location only.

AREAS Lips, Jawline, Tummy, Arms, Bikini, Legs, Back
COST Pricing Varies
DURATION 20-60 minutes depending on size of treatment area
FREQUENCY Every 4-6 weeks until desired results are achieved
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Tired of the constant cycle of shaving, waxing or tweezing? Laser hair removal is a long-term solution for smooth, hair-free skin. This treatment harnesses laser technology to target and destroy hair follicles, ensuring a reduction in hair growth over time. 

With locations in Oklahoma City and Denver, CO, Restorative Injectables invites you to book a consultation and explore the benefits of this treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal employs concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles. The pigment within the follicles absorbs the light, which then destroys the hair, inhibiting future hair growth. This process targets only the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. It’s a safe, effective solution for most areas of the body, including the underarms, bikini line, legs and face.


  • Significant reduction in hair growth
  • Long-term cost savings 
  • Minimal downtime
  • Fewer ingrown hairs and skin irritation

Why Choose Restorative Injectables

Choosing Restorative Injectables for your laser hair removal needs means entrusting your care to skilled professionals in Denver, CO. Our clinics are equipped with the latest in laser technology, ensuring safe and effective treatments tailored to your skin type and hair color. Our team is committed to providing personalized care, crafting a treatment plan that aligns with your goals and expectations.

Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Proper preparation can enhance the effectiveness of any treatment, ensuring optimal targeting. While following aftercare guidelines is crucial for the best outcomes and minimizing side effects.

Before Treatment

  • Consultation is essential: Discuss your skin type, hair color, and medical history with a professional to tailor the treatment plan.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Protect the treatment area from the sun for 6 weeks prior to reduce the risk of complications.
  • Stop other hair removal methods: Cease waxing, plucking, and electrolysis 4 weeks before treatment to preserve the hair follicle.
  • Shave the area: Shave the treatment site 24-48 hours before to minimize surface hair, which can cause burns.

Post Treatment

  • Expect slight redness and swelling: Similar to sunburn, this is normal and should subside within a few hours to a few days.
  • Cool the area: Apply ice packs or cool compresses to soothe any discomfort.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Protect the treated area from the sun and use a broad-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen to prevent dark or light spots.
  • Gentle skin care: Use mild, fragrance-free products on the treated area.
  • Avoid heat: Stay away from hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms for 24-48 hours post-treatment.
  • Follow-up treatments: Attend all scheduled sessions for best results, as multiple treatments are usually necessary.

Ideal Candidates For Laser Hair Removal

Ideal candidates for laser hair removal include adults of any gender who are looking to reduce unwanted hair. The treatment is especially effective for individuals with dark hair and lighter skin tones, although advances in laser technology have made it suitable for a wider range of skin types and hair colors. Contraindications include pregnancy, certain skin conditions and sensitivity to light-based treatments.

What to Expect from Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

We make the process of laser hair removal easy, convenient and no-fuss. Here’s what will happen:


Your laser hair removal journey begins with a personal consultation. During this time, a specialist will evaluate your skin type, hair color and the area you wish to treat. This initial meeting helps us set realistic expectations and address any concerns you may have. We’ll use that conversation to develop a tailored treatment plan, including the number of sessions we think we’ll need to achieve your desired results.


On the day of your procedure, the treatment area will be cleaned and you may be provided with protective eyewear. The laser device is then calibrated according to the specifics of your skin tone, hair color and treatment area. As the laser is applied, you’ll feel a sensation often compared to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. The total length of the procedure varies from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size and number of areas being treated.


Post-treatment, you may experience some redness and swelling akin to a sunburn. These symptoms are typically mild and subside within a few hours to a few days. 

You’ll be advised to avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen to the treated areas. Most individuals can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment, with no significant downtime.


After your initial laser hair removal session, you may notice a reduction in hair growth. The full benefits are typically realized after a series of treatment sessions, with hair becoming finer and less noticeable. For optimal results, maintenance touch-ups once or twice a year may be recommended to manage any new hair growth.


Multiple sessions are usually necessary to capture all hair follicles in their growth phase. Follow-up treatments are scheduled based on your hair growth cycle, typically every 4-6 weeks. After completing the initial series of treatments, occasional touch-ups may be recommended to maintain smooth, hair-free skin.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal varies based on several factors, including the size of the treatment area, hair density and the number of sessions required to achieve desired results. Restorative Injectables offers competitive pricing and personalized treatment plans to accommodate your budget. Contact us for more detailed information and to schedule your consultation.

What is the Difference Between Laser Hair Removal and Waxing?

Laser hair removal and waxing are two popular methods for managing unwanted hair, each with its own set of benefits and considerations. Laser hair removal uses focused light to penetrate the hair shaft and target the melanin (pigment) in the hair. This process damages the hair follicle, which inhibits or delays future hair growth. It’s a preferred option for those seeking a more lasting solution to hair removal, as the results can be semi-permanent, with hair growing back finer and sparser over time.

Waxing, while effective for temporary hair removal, involves applying warm wax to the skin and then quickly removing it, pulling the hair out from the root. This method can provide smooth skin for several weeks, but the hair will eventually regrow, necessitating regular treatments to maintain the hair-free result. Unlike laser hair removal, waxing does not offer a long-term reduction in hair growth and the repeated process can be painful and may lead to skin irritation or ingrown hairs. 

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