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Because no skin type is alike, every facial is customized using specific products and techniques to fit your concerns and needs, whether you are looking for an instant glow or a deep clean for problematic skin, we’ve got you covered, all of our facials include LED light therapy, lymphatic drainage, and contouring massage.

AREAS Face, Skin
COST Pricing starts at $130
DURATION 60 Minutes
FREQUENCY Recommended Every 4 Weeks For Best Results
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Discover science-backed beauty by booking a medical facial at Restorative Injectables. Using innovative techniques and skin care products chosen specifically for you, this treatment goes beyond the surface to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s natural glow. 

Serving both Denver, CO and Oklahoma City, OK, Restorative Injectables is here to help you on the way to optimal skin health. Whether you’re looking for instant brightening or a deep clean for problematic skin, we’ve got you covered. Book a consultation today.

What is a Medical Facial?

A medical facial is much more than a relaxing spa treatment–it’s a comprehensive, customizable procedure designed to address your unique skin concerns. By combining deep cleansing, hydration and targeted treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion, a medical facial promotes skin rejuvenation at a cellular level, enhancing collagen production and treating concerns like congestion and dryness .


  • Enhanced hydration
  • Acne and congestion relief
  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Decreased appearance of pores
  • Boost in collagen production

Why Choose Restorative Injectables

At Restorative Injectables, serving both Denver, CO and Oklahoma City, OK, we pride ourselves on offering personalized aesthetic treatments ranging from dermal fillers to non-surgical body contouring. Our team of skilled aestheticians and providers is dedicated to ensuring each patient has a wonderful experience at our med spa, guided by our commitment to excellence and the latest in skin care innovation.

What to Expect From Your Medical Facial Treatment


Proper preparation can enhance the effectiveness of any treatment, ensuring optimal targeting. While following aftercare guidelines is crucial for the best outcomes and minimizing side effects.

Before Treatment

  • Consult with a professional: Tailor the facial to your skin needs.
  • Stop strong exfoliants: No retinol or AHA/BHA 3-5 days before.
  • Minimize sun exposure: Wear SPF for 2 weeks prior.
  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water.
  • Share your skin history: Discuss conditions, allergies, medications.
  • Pause other treatments: No injections or lasers for 2 weeks before.

Post Treatment

  • Expect mild redness: Normal post-treatment reaction.
  • Moisturize gently: Use non-comedogenic products.
  • Protect from the sun: Apply broad-spectrum SPF 30+.
  • Avoid makeup: No makeup for 24 hours.
  • Skip harsh products: Avoid exfoliants or retinol for a week.
  • Follow personalized advice: Stick to professional skincare recommendations.

Ideal Candidates for Medical Facial Treatments

Medical facials are suitable for adults of all ages seeking to improve their skin’s appearance and health. Whether you’re combating acne, early signs of aging, sun damage or seeking enhanced skin hydration, this treatment can be tailored to meet your needs. 

Thanks to its highly customizable nature, medical facials are safe for almost everyone. However, if you have skin sensitivities or conditions such as rosacea or eczema, make sure to discuss them with your provider before treatment to determine the best course of action.

Before & Afters

Expect to see immediate improvements in skin texture and tone following your medical facial, with ongoing benefits like increased collagen production and reduced fine lines becoming more apparent with each session. For optimal results, we recommend undergoing treatment every 4–6 weeks.

What to Expect from Your Medical Facial

Your medical facial experience is designed to be as effective and relaxing as possible. If it’s your first time, here’s what you can expect:

1. Consultation: First, one of our skilled aestheticians will analyze your skin, discuss your concerns and go over your skin care goals and history. This step lets us choose the right products and techniques to use during your facial.

2. Cleansing: Your facial begins with a gentle yet thorough cleansing process, using products selected based on your initial consultation. This step ensures that all makeup, oil and impurities are removed, preparing your skin for the next phase of treatment.

3. Exfoliation: We then proceed to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and revealing a brighter, smoother skin surface. Depending on your skin’s needs, this may involve mechanical exfoliation techniques such as microdermabrasion or dermaplaning, an enzymatic peel or chemical exfoliant.

4. LED Light Therapy: This step uses varying wavelengths of light to target specific skin concerns. Whether it’s reducing inflammation, promoting collagen production or healing acne blemishes, this step is customized to your skin’s requirements.

5. Lymphatic Drainage: This relaxing phase involves gentle massage techniques that encourage lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce puffiness, remove toxins and enhance circulation for a glowing complexion.

6. Contouring Massage: A contouring facial massage follows, designed to lift, tone and sculpt facial contours. This technique not only relaxes but also promotes oxygen flow, revitalizing your skin from within.

7. Mask: A mask tailored to your skin type and concerns is then applied. This intensive treatment deeply nourishes, hydrates or purifies your skin, addressing specific issues like dryness, oiliness or sensitivity.

8. Serums and Moisturizer: The final step involves the application of targeted serums and a moisturizer to lock in the benefits of your facial. These products are chosen to complement your skin’s needs, ensuring long-lasting hydration and protection.


One of the benefits of a medical facial is minimal downtime. You may experience slight redness, sensitivity or dryness immediately following the treatment, but this typically subsides within a few hours. You’ll be provided with aftercare instructions to maximize the treatment benefits and maintain your skin’s health.


To achieve and maintain optimal results, follow-up treatments may be recommended. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss a treatment plan, including the frequency of follow-up medical facials, to ensure your skin continues to look and feel its best.

Throughout each step, our team at Restorative Injectables is dedicated to providing a supportive and informative experience, ensuring you feel confident and cared for during your medical facial journey.

How Much Does a Medical Facial Cost?

The cost of a medical facial varies based on the specific treatments and products used during your session. Contact Restorative Injectables to get more information, discover our current specials and start building a skin care plan that fits your needs and budget.

How Is a Medical Facial Different from a Regular Facial?

A medical facial is a highly personalized and therapeutic procedure that targets the underlying issues of the skin rather than just offering temporary relaxation and superficial cleansing. Unlike regular spa facials, which primarily focus on basic cleansing, steaming and massaging of the face, a medical facial delves deeper into dermatological health. 

Additionally, this type of facial utilizes medical-grade products and FDA-approved equipment that are typically only available in a medical spa or dermatological clinic setting. These advanced products and techniques are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, effectively treating a wide range of concerns from acne and hyperpigmentation to signs of aging like fine lines and loss of elasticity.

Book a Medical Facial in OKC or Denver, Co

Elevate your complexion with a personalized, science-backed medical facial at Restorative Injectables. Our OKC location in Nichols Hills is convenient to Heritage Hills, Edmond and downtown, while our Denver clinic is in Southmoor Park, close to the DTC and Greenwood Village. Book your consultation today!

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