Restorative Injectables Skin Brightening Pads


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Combines the skin brightening and toning enhancement benefits of kojic acid, arbutin and emblica. Natural lightener, great for reducing pigmentation and lightening scarring. Our unique skin lightening delivery system combines several ingredients which help brighten the appearance of the skin and restore a more natural, youthful skin tone. Designed to visibly brighten the skin’s natural appearance, targeting dark spots and uneven skin texture and tone caused by sun damage. Use for melasma and vitiligo for cosmetic appearance. *Does not include hydroquinone, must be seen in office for hydroquinone.



How to Use

Need to Know

Use continuously for 3-4 months then discontinue for 3-4 months.

What to Expect

Reduction in discoloration, more even toned complexion, brightening.


What Our Expert Says

“This is the best skin lightening product we carry.”


Paramedical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist

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